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With "Mac-HaBu", "Win-HaBu" and "Lin-HaBu", you solve all main financial tasks of your office. These programs address the following users:

Therefore, following functions were implemented:

Of course, all functions are optimally integrated so that no doubles-entries are necessary. And if you have data from another application (e.g. Web-Shop), you are able to import them.

The accounting is in each company a very sensitive part. On the one side it must fulfill legal conditions. On the other hand an accounting program should be very easy to use. A big advantage is that my wife works for some clients (§6 Nr. 3 + 4 StBerG), so you get the best of both sides.

The switch to another program takes much time. So it is very important, that you can use the new program for a long time. Because our program is highly configurable by the user (account structure, tax keys…), you can use it without updates for a long time. Nevertheless we offer regularly updates (usually free of charge).

What's new?

The following list shows the most important new features of version 16.1.1

Version 16.1.1 solves a problem with the 64 Bit version Lin-HaBu and the tax declaration.

With iHaBu, you get the most important functions of accounting on iPad and iPhone


You can download Mac-HaBu, Win-HaBu and Lin-HaBu and start accounting.

Notes to above versions:


This software is Shareware. It may be copied and used by everyone. However copy always the original version, together with this documentation.

You can use this program 60 days without registration. Without registration the access to the database is locked after this period. Only with the registration the access will be unlocked. During the test phase you can use the complete program, without the export functions.

You can pay the registration fee with the shop from Kagi or with a bank transfer to our account:

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Inhaber: Claudia und Manfred Richter
Konto-Nr.: 51116704
BLZ: 508 900 00
IBAN: DE58508900000051116704
Ort: 64283 Darmstadt

The description on a bank transfer is often truncated. Therefore it is necessary to send the address information (Mail or postal address) additionally (by Mail). After receipt of the money, you receive a Mail (or letter) with the code for the registration.

The description on a bank transfer is often truncated. Address information, indicated there, is therefore often incomplete.

Normally you must pay for transfers from foreign countries (not EU) handling charges. In these cases it is better to use the shop from Kagi.

Please note that I don't make this job as a fulltime job. Normally the registration should be within some days in your post office. Due to temporal bottlenecks (e.g. travel, vacation) of mine it may sometimes take a longer time.